Travels with Bob

Hopping On and Hopping Off

Finding your way around a new city can be an intimidating task after a long, overnight flight across the Atlantic, especially since you will probably be struggling with sleep deprivation and jet lag. Many people make the mistake of delaying their recovery by seeking refuge and much need rest in the confines their hotel.


Learning your way around a new city

I recommend staying awake as long as possible to begin the process of resetting your body clock and making up for lost sleep. Take a walk exploring the area and attractions nearby your hotel. Or, better yet, begin experiencing the city aboard a hop-on-hop-off bus tour available in most larger European locales. Ride the entire route the first time you board to familiarize yourself with the city and the sites you wish to revisit. This low-impact ride may take 90 minutes or more and offers more effective relief.

Do your research. In larger cities, you will find several such tours offering 24-hour and 48-hour passes good for multiple trips during the designated period following ticket activation. Make sure to get a map of bus routes with clearly identified stops. Learn the time intervals between buses reaching each stop. Beware of add-on tour tickets, which will not be a bargain if you never get around to using them.

These buses provide a low-cost way to explore the city especially with a 48-hour pass and can provide an effective way to recover from getting there.