Luxury or Deluxe: Oceania vs. Azamara | with Bob Shaffer

Real travel expert and luxury travel advisor Bob Shaffer of Vacations by Cruise & Travel Experts joins Ken of RTE Travel Talk to delve into the question: is Oceania actually as luxury cruise line or do they compare more to Azamara? And just how do you define these two cruise lines in today’s market?

Bob takes time to 1) review the restaurants onboard Oceania Cruises and his favorite dishes; 2) what you can expect on board both Azamara and Oceania; 3) plus one of the unique destinations to which they sail. Of particular interest Bob gives us a history of the R-Class ships that both lines have in common and what to expect with regard to stateroom size when you select an R-Class ship – a good cruise tip for guests coming on board for the first time. Hint: the staterooms run small as compared to the O-Class for Oceania and other premium cruise lines. Bob also previews the upcoming ships for Oceania the Oceania Vista and the coming A Class.

Bob explains why he is partial to Oceania Cruises for his guests but advises that you will have a great experience on both. And finally, a cruise tip to remember when looking at either of these cruise lines: the benefits of having an expert travel advisor in your corner.

(Video description includes timestamps.)