Painless Vacation Planning


Like most medical professionals your time is limited and extremely valuable. You have no time to waste and there is no such thing as a vacation “do-over”.

Here is what we know:

• Given the uncertainty of Internet searches, most people find the infinite choices to be overwhelming.
• You are too busy with day-to-day responsibilities to appropriately organize the myriad of details required to create a special vacation.
• With limited time available for your vacation, most professionals desire understated luxury, and casual travel experiences focused on your special interests and sense of adventure.

Customizing land or sea vacations for the medical community is our specialty.

Simply answer a few questions, and I will send you a preliminary vacation proposal customizable to your exact wishes and needs. Before submitting your request, I encourage you to learn more about our travel consulting practice by exploring the Website links above. Alternatively, I would welcome the opportunity discuss your vacation with you personally – simply call my cell phone at 828.514.9494. I look forward to helping you create a memorable vacation designed just for you. – Bob Shaffer, Sr. Travel Advisor

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