Discover America

Maybe it’s time to discover America with travel closer to home. It’s a great way to avoid those long over-night flights, we mostly speak English and you won’t need to exchange your dollars for foreign currency.

America is home to so many great destinations from 59 iconic national parks to fabulous cities and vast spaces in between. Ever considered a cross-country trip by Amtrak? Perhaps, a guided tour through Vermont in the fall, or a second honeymoon to Niagara Falls?

A small-boat cruise across the Great Lakes or a riverboat paddle wheeler down the Columbia or Mississippi rivers might be more your style, especially if you include a couple extra days in New Orleans. You also might try your luck in Vegas, or explore America’s last great frontier wilderness on an Alaskan CruiseTour. And wine lovers, who have never experienced the vineyards of Napa Valley, are in for a real treat, especially if you include a few extra days in San Francisco.

So many options and so little time to discover first-hand our nation’s history and folklore that you remember from school. We can help you plan a custom itinerary or suggest a tour that fits your schedule (we know of one 15-day tour that visits all of the scenic western parks). Discovering America can be as easy as planning an extended weekend trip or as complex as you desire. And we can help you make it happen.