Custom Experiential Travel Experiences

Experiential Travel, a truly unique travel experience is one created especially for you. We start with where you wish to go, when you want to travel, what you would like to experience and how you will travel. Your trip might include multiple countries on trip exceeding 10 days, or you may desire to live as a local in a single place or region for your vacation.

We work closely with clients to build travel itineraries around their style and special needs, as well as their special interests. The most memorable experiences are those created when you slow down a little. For example, you will long remember the day you stopped for a couple of hours on market day in a small Provence village, as you motored around southern France.

Leisure travelers have more choices today than ever before. This often leads to confusion and potentially poor choices when planning a vacation. Many of our clients, regardless of their travel style or budget, seek a personalized or custom experience that can’t be found easily on their own. They usually prefer multiple nights in each major location they wish to visit; they desire down time to relax and explore on their own; and they enjoy sea days that break up port-intensive cruises.

  • It’s Time to Plan Your Next Travel Experience

    ...You don’t have to look at the calendar to know it’s Fall: kids are back in school and there’s a televised football game every night of the week, while here in SW Florida, auto license plates have begun to change their colors signaling the return of snowbirds.

  • Could It Be Time To Ditch Your Bucket List

    I often think about “where to go next” when it comes to planning my personal travels. Like most people, I have nurtured a “bucket list” of destinations to visit while I still can. Recently, however, experiences  during my travels have become more important to me than new destinations.

  • Much of the World Now Open to Travelers

    As the world reopens to vacation travelers, I see a growing number of people moving trips from their Travel Bucket List  to their To Do Now List and reserving multiple trips for the year ahead.

  • Peru-Machu-Picchu-Clouds

    Exploring Life Above the Clouds

    For as long as I can remember, the Inca Empire and the Lost City of Machu Picchu have piqued my interest. This ancient civilization, founded upon myths and riches of gold and silver, encompassed a vast region ...

  • Adventure-Travel

    Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

    Today’s travel options offer something for virtually everyone and, therein lies a growing problem for leisure travelers―almost too many choices. Furthermore, getting off the beaten path and away from the crowd has become

River cruises are great anchor in the middle of extended European travels, with pre- and post-cruise touring or extended stays in your favorite cities. We work with local guides and specialists around the world to customize your journey and, through their local knowledge, create more authentic experiences. In central Italy, for instance, we partner with owners of a 400-year-old estate to create custom experiences Under the Tuscan Sun uniquely about you.

Such travel planning requires time―sometimes as long as a year prior to your departure. We listen, we suggest and, working closely with you, we create unforgettable experiential travel experiences.