Family Travel

Family vacations, many of us see our entire family together only once or twice a year, if then. Furthermore, such family gatherings usually revolve around holidays, which can be hectic. At Cruise & Travel Experts our family travel experts specialize in custom vacations for families large and small. Imagine a vacation where you finally have an opportunity to reconnect with a sibling, or get to know your grandchild on a truly personal level.

An ocean cruise or all-inclusive resort are great ideas for stress-free family vacations. There’s plenty of opportunities for personal interaction and group activities, including excursions accommodating everyone regardless of their age or physical condition. Yet, you are free to slip away from the others for quiet time to yourself.

Imagine your granddaughter as a Princess on a Disney cruise or during a magical trip to Disney World resort. Older children are ready to explore the history and cultures of the world on itineraries customized to your wishes and travel style. Ever consider a dude ranch in Wyoming with teenagers who have never been on a horse? Or, what about having lunch with an astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center before boarding your ship for a Caribbean cruise.

We can handle as many details as you’d like. Want a driver to meet you at the airport, to help with your bags and take you directly to your cruise port, hotel or resort? Not a problem. Would you like to schedule a tour with an expert local guide? That would be our pleasure. Maybe you would like a vacation that includes periods of child care your kids will love? We know just the place.