Luxury Travel for the Discriminating Traveler

Luxury travel is defined by individual preferences ― and that usually means vastly different things to different people. Some people describe luxury as suite accommodations in a five-star hotel in London, Paris or other European capital. On the other hand, you may consider ocean front accommodations in a secluded boutique hotel on Little Cayman Island as luxurious. Still other people would prefer a private yacht charter on the French Riviera or even a lakeside fishing cabin in upper Canada, as their definition of luxury travel.

Our clients define luxury travel increasingly in terms of exotic destinations usually well off-the-beaten path in places such as the upper Amazon, the Australian outback, a Mongolian plantation, a safari in East Africa, or many other out-of-the-way locales. Luxury may also be as simple and relaxing as getting away on a small-ship cruise plying the South Seas of the Pacific, or a six-month World Cruise aboard small luxury ship.

The one thing our luxury travelers have in common these days is the desire for an itinerary created exclusively for them. It’s also important to realize that oftentimes the experience you desire is more important than the destination.

You define the luxury and the experience you seek! 

We create the luxury vacation to your exacting specifications.

Looking for something unique or can’t decide on an experience or perhaps one of our custom experiences ignites the wanderlust in you?  We can provide ideas and expert travel counsel for the any type of experience you might desire when you are unsure about the destination.  Contact us today!