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Taking the First Step

CONGRATULATIONS! You are among my first Blog Readers.

Do you know how many steps are in Rome’s Spanish Steps, known locally as Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti?  

The Spanish Steps in the heart of Rome

The Spanish Steps in the heart of Rome

The answer is 135 steps (138 if you count the drainage curbs) and they have been a great gathering place for tourists and locals alike since completed in 1725. But, if you don’t feel up to the climb, there’s an elevator tucked away in a corner to the left of the steps that will take you to the top.

There I go. I’m doing it again. Running before I walk. Let me slow down and take a deep breath while telling you what is going on here.

I have thought long and hard about creating a travel blog the past several years but I never seemed to get around to it. I must have convinced myself that I was either too busy…or worried about sustaining a blog…or, at worst, I was basically too lazy. If the world was full of infants with that same motivation, there would be countless toddlers still crawling about on their hands and knees afraid to take that first step.

So here goes my “first step” at publishing a blog!

My objective is to share what I have learned about leisure travel with my clients and friends without making it about me. Leisure travel at its best encompasses new experiences, new destinations and cultures, and many new friends…while creating lasting memories. I will be writing about my personal travel experiences; making unbiased recommendations regarding destinations and travel options; and providing tips designed to make your travels smoother and simply more fun.

I realize that in the beginning I will be talking primarily to myself. And that’s OK because it will provide opportunities for me to re-live a few of my most memorable journeys. I also welcome your comments and encourage you to share contributions about your travels. I hope you will subscribe to receive my future posts (see below) and come along with me as we explore the fabulous world of leisure travel together.